About us

Our Mission
Tavi & Friends is a 501(c)(3) charity committed to
helping homeless companion animals with unique
challenges through community outreach, partnership
and teamwork, TTouch therapy, training and holistic
rescue, trap-neuter-return (tnr), and adoption.

Tavi's Curls Project is dedicated to the rescue
and re-homing of the American Curl cat.





Organizational Overview

Tavi & Friends objective is for every animal to be in--and stay in--the loving forever home s/he deserves.  That is why we believe that "Prevention is the Intention before Intervention!"

One of our larger goals is in creating partnerships with shelters and rescue groups to bring TTouch and other holistic modalities to the animals, as well as to offer training to their staff and volunteers -- the shelter animal's daily caretaker – through the Tavi & Friends' TTouch4Rescue Program.  Our TTouch4Rescue Program allows TTouch® Method techniques to be incorporated into shelter enrichment and compassion programs, which can reduce the stress and tension, enhance wellness, and help alleviate behavioral issues that may affect an animal’s chance for adoption and/or staying in a forever home.  Our added hope is in helping to reduce euthanasia rates for animals of reasonable health or temperament simply because they have no home or due to lack of shelter space.  To that end, we have an experienced team of volunteers who bring TTouch and other holistic therapy and training modalities, as well as volunteers who assist us with animal care, fostering, and in other essential areas.

Here are some of the ways Tavi & Friends is fulfilling this goal:

·    Bringing TTouch and other holistic modalities to shelter and
   homeless animals to assist with stress-relief, healing, and
   behavior modification -- including fear and trust issues.
·    Promoting the highest ethical standards in our work with
   TTouch and/or other modalities and to educate volunteers
   and adopters about TTouch for Companion Animals.

·    Documenting our healing and training treatments by recording
   and reporting observable benefits as possible, and providing a
   resource for other
Tavi & Friends’ healers/trainers.
·   Our Tavi’s Curls Project focuses on rescuing and finding ideal 
   homes for homeless, abandoned, surrendered, American Curl cats

We are also a limited intake organization for special cats and small dogs; we do not have a shelter or boarding facility, but rather rely upon a network of foster homes to shelter and nurture our special animals until the ideal home is found. Due to special needs, some animals may not be adopted and will have a home for life within our foster care network.

We’d like for every animal we rescue to find the loving forever home they deserve, and our foster home network, although small, provides individual care as appropriate to each animal’s needs. Animals are generally socialized, and our team of volunteers can assist potential adopters through the adoption process and in choosing the right pet for your home, family and lifestyle.  Adopters will also be given the opportunity to learn techniques for continuing training and wellness care, and we will provide general support after you bring your new companion home.


Every animal deserves the maximum chance at a better life.


Tavi was my fearless little cat...
named after Rudyard Kipling's indomitable mongoose, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. She was a very special kitty and much loved kitty. During her time with me, she was mother, foster and mentor to the many stray cats and dogs who came our way. She helped rehabilitate and socialize those most frightened, helping them adjust to human interaction and accepting that a safe home life is far better than being on the streets. Happily (and sadly) we would see these animals off to wonderful new homes. I was blessed to have Tavi with me for over 15 years, until she herself became a special care kitty, developing cancer. Tavi & Friends was established in her honor, and her memory continues to inspire us all in our ongoing efforts to help homeless animals in our community. 
Mary B - Founder/Director, Tavi & Friends

About "Special" Animals…
Special care | unique challenges...

designates animals who may have specific needs and require specialized care, and/or who may have difficulty finding a permanent adoptive home due to issues such as: inappropriate behaviors; age or wellness issues; orphaned; or are physically or emotionally challenged. This "uniqueness" may put them at higher risk for euthanasia, homelessness, and abuse. Our volunteers provide love, training, holistic support, socialization, and foster care as appropriate for each special animal. Feral cats are also "special needs"; colony caretakers provide for the daily needs of their colonies, and rescue kittens who can be socialized or strays who may have been abandoned; for those cats who are able to be socialized, homes can be found.


Tavi & Friends is an active member of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, the New York Breed Rescue Network (NYBRN), and partners with other animal welfare organizations to fulfill our mission of bringing TTouch into mainstream shelter life; these include: A Home at Last Animal Adoption Network, Bideawee, City Pitties; NYC Animal Care & Control; TOH Animal Shelter; Angel's Gate; Best Friends/Pets Alive; North Shore Animal League America; Picasso Veterinary Fund animals; St.Huberts Animal Welfare Center; hospices, wellness and rehabilitation centers, and other groups.

Tavi & Friends is entirely funded by donations from public support and relies on a network of volunteers to continue its work.

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