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Many of the animals we rescue are unwanted seniors / special care animals, or homeless, abandoned, abused animals rescued from horrible conditions. Most require emergency medical treatment upon intake. Monthly contributions help us to better meet these costly expenses and provide the best care we can for each and every animal entering our programs.

We can only do this with public support from donors and sponsors like you.
Choose a program to Sponsor -- General Fund, Muffin's {emergency} Fund, TTouch4Rescue Fund, or our Seniors Fund.  A few of our more 'special' kitties are below. These animals are in our Foster Care Sanctuary; that is, most will likely remain with us for life and we want to ensure we have the funds to provide for their lifelong care.

A monthly donation of as little as $20/month can make a huge difference in their lives. If you can donate more, we can do more. If you cannot sponsor at this time, a one-time donation is also greatly appreciated.  Click here to set up your monthly sponsorship today! Thank you.

ABIGAIL is a senior American Curl rescue who is part of our Tavi's Curls Rescue Project. Abigail was abandoned on an expressway, picked up by Animal Control and brought to a kill shelter, where we found her. She was emaciated, sick and frightened, but through it all this little senior was a fighter. She has since been diagnosed with chronic IBD and will be on a special diet and medication for life. Her monthly prescription, Rx food and vet bills on average run about $95. Read more about Abigail... 

R.I.P BUBO - Aug 9, 2013 
She is a senior patch Tabby (Torbie) who we rescued from a hoarding situation. Although very timid and shy, she has always been a sweet, gentle little girl. Now at 18yo, she was deaf, on 2x/daily thyroid medication, had been diagnosed with renal disease, required regular vet check-ups, and just loved to be in her favorite chair dozing, catching some rays in the window, and getting lots of hugs! She usually had a lot to say, too. It is heartbreaking to lose her. She will be missed and remembered always. See you at the Bridge sweet girl.

R.I.P. BOOTSIE - Jan 18, 2013 
Bottsie was a senior tabby mix rescued off the streets with her mom and siblings. Her sister Madison passed away last year from cancer; today we lost Bootsie to lymphoma. Bootsie had made it thru diabetes on daily insulin and Rx diet. She survived when her body "crashed" from low sugar and she had to be rushed to emergency. But the damn cancer is hard to fight.  Thank you to all who fought with her and sent healing prayers. She is now at peace, not suffering, and playing with her buddies at the Rainbow Bridge. Farewell, sweet Bootsie, til we all meet again at the Bridge.  

DAPHNE is one of our senior American Curl rescues. Daphne and her sister Snoopy were purchased from a breeder but, as Daphne and Snoopy got older and developed medical issues, their "family" dumped them in a local shelter! Snoopy was in final stage renal failure and the shelter euthanized her. That left Daphne alone, frightened and missing the only family she'd ever known, in a strange, frightening environment. The shelter called us and we immediately made arrangements to get Daphne to us. She was confused, depressed, not eating, and developed a serious URI. It took many weeks for Daphne to get well, over a year for her to feel comfortable in new surroundings and secure in the fact that she would not be abandoned again. Daphne has just been diagnosed with renal disease; we don't know if it's slow or fast progressing yet. She also has chronic arthritis (we use TTouch and massage to manage the pain & allow her greater mobility) and feline asthma. Daphne's on an inhaler to help her breathe more easily during episodes. She's doing well, but monthly expenses are high. Fluids and medications run about $50/month; inhaler alone costs ~$200!

COCO is a sweet senior who we rescued from an unsuitable home situation about a year ago. The sore on her face was diagnosed as MRSA, which took months to clear up. Then she developed another infection on her face; we are awaiting test results to make sure that is cleared up. Her eye has been harder to diagnose and we are still working on that. But, Coco is finally looking better and is hopefully over the worse of it, although there are still a few medical issues to clear up. Her medical bills are high and ongoing, and Coco may still require surgery. Read more about Coco... 

JEREMY is a handsome senior Maine Coon mix, rescued with his mom and siblings, all of whom found homes. But Jeremy had ringworm, severe URI and was very ill (we feared FIP which fortunately was not the case!) He was in quarantine for months and did survive. In 2012, Jeremy began losing a lot of weight; we feared the worse, but tests, sonigrams and more tests, determined it was chronic IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) now managed with a special diet and medication for life. We are thrilled that Jeremy is doing well, but his monthly Rx and food bills are high, running ~$70/month.

R.I.P. KATIE - 2013
Katie was one of the first rescues to come into our program. She was left alone when the person who was caring for her went into a nursing home and no one else wanted her. She was very timid around other cats, liked to be close to people, but didn't want too much touch or to be cuddled. She was one of the sweetest kitties we have ever met and soon learned to love cuddling! We're not sure of her exact age, only that she was at least 13yo. Katie had been diagnosed with diabetes and was on daily insulin and Rx diet. She also had renal disease; a double heart murmur; and a few other issues. She received dedicated care and we hoped she would pull through. She was much too precious and sweet to give up on, but her little body could not overcome all the challenges. Katie was adopted before she passed... we believe all of our rescues s/have an adopter who will go to meet them someday at the Bridge. 

LOGAN is one of our American Curl rescues. He was brought to NYCACC as a 'stray' with multiple fractures and spinal injuries, emaciated, riddled with fleas and ear mites. We pulled Logan and immediately brought him for treatment and testing. The fractures were more extensive than we were told but already healed. The vets said they were older injuries and he must have been on the streets for some time. After treatment he was brought to one of our wonderful fosters for care where he was on cage rest and began to make a great recovery. His spinal injuries still needed treatment and he was still dragging his hind leg. Logan has undergone various therapies, laser treatments, which have made a huge difference in his ability to walk but he may still need expensive spinal surgery at some point. Read more about Logan... 

SIMBA is ADOPTED!  Simba is a very sweet, loving boy, one of our special care kitties, rescued from a horrible situation with his mom and siblings. Once we rescued and vetted them, his brothers and sister all began thriving, but Simba never seemed to do as well. Test after test revealed nothing conclusive. Skin allergies appear on occasion as well, with no difinitive cause. But Simba is very happy and doing fairly well in a special foster home with many more good days than bad now. Simba still needs routine vet care, medications, and more testing so hopefully his true medical condition can be diagnosed and treated. 

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