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Tavi & Friends' Programs - A Lifetime Commitment
Tavi’s programs are designed to help needy animals. But we also recognize that potential adopters and pet parents may need a little help, too. We work with you to find the right pet for you, your family, and your lifestyle, including offering tips on introductions to other pets, pet care, behavioral and wellness issues, and other information to help you be a loving, responsible pet parent.

By providing information that helps people make informed decisions about what is right for their pets and for them, and by helping pet parents learn how to incorporate techniques to work through issues, this often reduces the number of pets returned, abandoned at shelters or on the streets as a final resort.

Tavi also rescues and re-homes animals with special challenges, who are cared for in a foster-care environment with volunteers who provide daily and veterinarian-administered care for these animals. We hope to find a proper forever home for these animals but, if we cannot, due to their special needs, they have a loving home with us forever through our Foster Sanctuary Program.

We especially want people to understand that being a "special" animal should not translate into an "unwanted" animal or cause an animal to be harmed in any way. Knowing--and taking action--can make a world of difference to every animal.
Tavi & Friends is a limited intake organization.  We rescue homeless animals through owner surrenders, abandonment, from kill-shelters, and by other means, as space and funding allows. Tavi & Friends is a no-kill organization and will not euthanize any animal of reasonable health.
Rescue|medical costs are high. Please donate to help us rescue more animals in need.

Rehab and Foster Care Programs 
When an animal is rescued, they typically need some form of rehabilitation, whether medical, therapeutic, or behavioral. We have volunteers who specially work with these areas. One of our therapies is TTouch, which can enhance health and provide behavior modification|socialization.
Tavi’s foster care network is throughout the NYC and LI areas, where our animals are housed and cared for by loving volunteers in their own homes. This allows us to become familiar with each animal's personality and traits, as well as helping to promote good socialization. 

Adoptions Program 
Tavi & Friends rescues predominantly kittens and cats, occasionally small dogs (under 10#), from kill shelters, owner surrenders, abandons and strays. Once we accept a rescued animal into one of our programs, we will provide medical and daily care, foster care as appropriate, rehab, training, and other appropriate therapies. Once an animal is healthy and ready, s/he will be placed for adoption, and we will endeavor to find a loving, forever home for each. 

Tavi’s adoptable animals will be listed on our website through Petfinder, Adopt-a-Pet, and AdoptNY partner sites. We have two Petco Adoption Centers on LI where you can visit the adoptable animals in residence:

Petco, 2824 Long Beach Road, Oceanside NY 11572
Petco, 1851 Sunrise Hwy, Bay Shore NY 11706 

You can schedule a meet’n’greet with any of our adoptable animals at one of our adoption centers, adoption events, or by appointment. Tavi & Friends is a no-kill organization, and will not euthanize any animal of reasonable health. 

Foster Sanctuary Program  
One of our biggest dreams is to someday have a sanctuary where we can house special animals who may be unable to find a forever home due to age, physical, emotional or behavioral limitations.  Until then, we provide for these animals through a very small "Foster Sanctuary" program.  The animals live in special foster homes with volunteers who are able to provide long-term care and give them a home for life, with lots of love. Some of these animals may be adopted into homes with people experienced in their care.

Community Outreach | Education Program
Our goal is to provide the community with information that helps people make informed decisions about what is right for their pets, for feral cats, and for all animals. We especially want people to understand that being a homeless or "special" animal should not translate into an "unwanted" or “bad” animal, or cause an animal to be harmed in any way.  Knowing--and taking action--can make a world of difference to every animal.   Our Community Outreach|Education Program endeavors to provide information on resources available in the NYC and LI areas, and to empower communities to make--and implement--humane choices for animals. 

"Special" Animals

"Old, sick, disabled, getting grouchy...."
These are labels that are sometimes heaped on pets unfairly.  After a lifetime of loyalty and love, they deserve our compassion and care.  More than ever, they need our love.  Caring for an older, sick, or disabled pet can be as rewarding for us as it is comforting to them. Behavioral changes in our pets often mean they are not feeling well – and it's time for a visit to your vet. They get cranky just like we do when we don't feel well. 

We understand it can be difficult. These are our beloved pets who have given their lives to love, comfort and often protect us; now it's our turn to give that all back. But people with special-care animals often need assistance in finding ways of coping, whether through education, counseling, holistic care, touch therapies, or other alternatives. Please consider all options before giving up on your companion. Please feel free to contact us for assistance in finding resources.
Some of Tavi's special-care animals may not be under our “adoptables” listing, as they may require extra special care and will only be placed in homes with people who are experienced in their care.  If any animal is not adopted, they have a home with us for life.   

Sustaining Donors  
The costs incurred for the animals we rescue can be high.  If you can help with a monthly commitment of $10, $20, or any amount, the money will go directly to their daily care, food, housing and medical expenses. You donation is greatly appreciated!


Trap|Neuter|Return (TNR)
TNR is a feral cat management practice widely used in the animal welfare community, and is effective for managing feral and free-roaming cats in colonies and on the streets.  TNR is a humane method of managing colonies and the one proven technique that actually works. TNR helps reduce the number of kittens born every year through spay|neuter, and also providing vaccinations to maintain the overall health of the colony.

Tavi & Friends' LI program is a community outreach program, educational in nature, which provides resource information in reducing and managing feral cat overpopulation on LI through this humane, non-lethal method (TNR). Tavi & Friends offers the following limited services to individuals:
-- loans|rentals of traps as available
-- instructions on use
-- Resource info on humane TNR|feral cat 
-- advice by phone or email 
For Info on ...
LI Feral Cat Resources:
NYC - TNR Services:
contact The NYC Feral Cat Initiative

Abandoned Stray or Feral?
Throughout the NYC and LI areas, there are many dedicated individuals and TNR-specific organizations who maintain the health and well-being of cats in colonies. They sometimes find cats in their colonies that are not actually feral but strays who have been dumped and abandoned by their “owners.” When kittens and cats from colonies can be socialized, they can be rescued and permanent, loving homes found. For those unable to be socialized, they are returned to their original location and remain with their colony; colony caretakers continue to provide daily care. 

Animal Abuse and Neglect
Abuse, neglect, abandonment, is never acceptable, whether inflicted on people or on animals!  Please be vigilant in your neighborhood or anywhere. There are many resources available to report abuse, get help when being abused, and obtain more knowledge about how to help stop this horrible practice. Contact your local police or Humane Society if you see abuse.
NYC | 
LI  | Nassau or call 516-571-ACHL (2245)
LI  |
Other FAQs 

Responsible Pet Ownership |Training & Wellness Care
A happy, healthy pet, who will be your lifetime companion is a rewarding experience.  Providing proper nutrition, regular veterinary visits, proper training methods, exercise and socialization, and lots of love, is a commitment to your animal(s) and the responsibility of each and every pet owner.

Spay-Neuter | Vaccination |
Medical Care 

Spaying or neutering your pet(s) is an important goal, one that not only helps to keep the ever-rising pet population in check, but also can help to reduce the possibility of some health issues. Vaccinating your pets also provides important health protection. Finding a good vet and having a good working relationship is important for ongoing discussions about your pets health and medical needs.

There are many sources for low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations and good veterinary care around the NYC/LI areas.

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