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The Tellington Method of Behavior Modification training, Rehabilitation and Wellness -- TTouch -- is a holistic, gentle approach, promoting optimal performance and health without fear or force. A series of soothing and rejuvenating TTouches, body wraps, balance techniques, and groundwork, it achieves results by supporting an animal's health, improving behaviors, and allowing pets to be more relaxed, flexible, adaptable, and successful.

Tavi & Friends provides Guild Certified Practitioners to teach this gentle method to those in the animal welfare industry to help them achieve this same success in easy-to-learn steps while working with the animals in their care. TTouch also helps to strengthen the bond between people and animals.  TTouch has many uses within a shelter environment.

TTouch can meet the needs of shelter workers and volunteers and other people working with animals in the community, including animal professionals, such as veterinary staff, trainers, and alternative treatment professionals.
TTouch is proven to help with these issues, and much more...
- Reducing stress and tension
- Hyperactivity; excitability
- Enhance ability to learn
- Socialization
- Behavior Modification
- Fear issues
- Enhancing quality of life
- Aging, special needs
- And much more.
TTouch is for ALL species of animals, including those with special needs.  It is a useful tool for shelters, rescue groups, kennels, breeders, groomers, pet sitters and walkers, and pet owners.

TTouch reference materials and equipment are available for animal professionals and pet parents. If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please click here... a portion of all proceeds from sales benefit Tavi & Friends!

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