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Daphne, a 12-year old American Curl, was rescued through our Tavi's Curls Project. Unhappily, Daphne, and her sister Snoopy, were given up by their owners into a local shelter.  Both had been with the family since they were 4 months old. Snoopy was very ill and suffering, and was euthanized by the shelter; fortunately, this shelter looked for an American Curl breed rescue group to take Daphne and called us.  We immediately arranged for transport through the Wheels of Hope program of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals to bring Daphne downstate to us.

After losing the only -- and what she thought would be forever -- home, family, and cat-friend she had ever known, she was abandoned in an unfamiliar shelter environment, alone, with unfamiliar people, smells, and sounds; then traveling to yet another unfamiliar place, Daphne was understandably very fearful, confused and depressed from all that she lost and that happened to her. At first, when she first arrived to us, she didn't eat, drink, play or seem interested in anything, developing a URI along with digestive issues. She was also terribly matted and is still in need of extensive dental care from neglect.  Daphne does have a few age-related issues but, who doesn't?  She is a fragile, sweet cat who only wants love, companionship and a forever home and family.


Now, after many months, good veterinary care, and much TLC in our foster care program, she is learning to trust again, has a soft, warm bed, and is on the road to complete physical, emotional and mental health.  Daphne also receives a daily TTouch session which has been instrumental in helping her to cope with her new situation and to dispel the fears and loss she has experienced, along with maintaining her health and well-being.


Daphne is a resident of our Foster Sanctuary Program.  Your support continues to provide need care for Daphne and other special animals like her.  You can be a Tavi's Friends Sponsor to help with ongoing costs for Daphne or to help us continue our many programs.

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