Foster Sanctuary and In our Future

Our "Foster Sanctuary" Program
One of our biggest dreams is to someday have a sanctuary where we can house those very special animals who may be unable to find a forever home due to age, physical, emotional or behavioral limitations.  Until then, we provide for these animals through a very small "Foster Sanctuary" program.  The animals live in special foster homes with volunteers who are able to provide long-term care and give them a home for life
with lots of love.
The costs incurred for these animals can be high, however.  If you would like to sponsor the animals in this program with a monthly commitment of any amount, the money will be used towards their daily care, food, housing and medical expenses -- and greatly appreciated!


In Our Future
We dream of the day when Tavi & Friends has a permanent Shelter, Sanctuary and Wellness|Training center for our rescues, seniors and special-care animals. Help sponsor our future goals!

In order to accomplish this dream, we will need the support of the compassionate public to help provide needed funds to purchase/lease a facility, and for ongoing maintenance and operation. If you have the skills to help in researching and writing grants that may fund programs and/or our future plans, and want to help, please contact us.

Your monthly commitment of $10, $20, or more, or in any amount, can help us plan more effectively for the high expenses all rescues face as they try to save as many lives as possible. 
When you make your donation, you can designate how it is to be used …
  achieve our future goal of a safe haven for animals 
   with daily care, food, housing, and medical expenses    
  All donations are greatly needed and deeply appreciated!

Read about the animals in our "Foster Sanctuary" Program

You can sponsor our "Adoptables" program.  Monthly contributions to this program will provide needed care, food and medical expenses for the adoptable animals who are waiting to find their forever homes.
Become a Tavi Volunteer and/or Foster Caregiver!

If you would like to be considered as a foster or adoptive parent, please complete and submit the appropriate application.

In Our Future - Tavi's Sanctuary

A safe haven where rescued, orphaned, senior and special-care animals, can spend their days being pampered and loved, receive holistic and veterinarian-administered care, in an open, cageless environment, while awaiting the day when their new pet parents will bring them to their new forever home!

Wellness & Training Center
Tavi's Wellness & Training Center would provide therapies to the animals at the Sanctuary, as well as to pet owners with special-care animals. It would also provide positive reinforcement training methods to help animals overcome behavioral issues that may keep them from beng adopted into a loving home.


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