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In the spirit of updating our supporters on our progress, Tavi & Friends' eNews page will remark on some of the progress we are making to fulfill our mission of bringing TTouch into mainstream shelter life through our TTouch-in-RescueProgram, and other programs.


NYC Animal Care & Control
We've been training the volunteers and staff of the NYC Animal Care & Control centers at all three locations: Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island, where our TTouch-in-Rescue program is well received.  Many times we see immediate rescults on the animals we use to demonstrate the method to the attendees.

One dog was Copper, an elderly cocker spaniel that was recently turned in to the Staten Island facility.  Copper was frantic when anyone touched her, especially the medical staff -- who were treating her for several conditions.  After using TTouch and putting on the TTouch body wrap, Copper actually went to the Veterinary Technician for more TTouch!  When members attend these trainings, and see how it helps the animals in their care, it empowers them to continue using TTouch to enrich the lives of these animals.

With the assistance of our TTouch volunteers, Marge and Ann, we have held several trainings to date, with great success and feedback from the trainees.  We will also be conducting one-on-one TTouch therapy and training sessions with the animals at these facilities, along with ongoing trainings for the volunteers and staff.

part of Shelter Enrichment Programs

TTouch-in-Rescue Program
As we partner with more shelters and rescue groups to add TTouch to their enrichment programs, we see the difference TTouch consistently makes when used regularly by shelter volunteers and staff members. Another of our recent trainings was at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Society in New Jersey.  This full day training was well attended, and Tavi & Friends had three TTouch Instructors available: Mary, Peggy and NJ Program Coordinator, Lisa Yonno. The 30 attendees consisted of staff, volunteers, trainers, and ACOs affiliated with the facility.  One of their trainers, who works with aggressive dogs, is already using TTouch as part of his program.

Throughout the day, Shelter Director Jackie Fahey and staff brought in some of the dogs, cats, and even a bunny for the group to work with -- with some great results.  One was a dog named, Boy, who proved to be a handful.  After working with the animals, we try to give them a bit of time alone to process the work we do.  When we brought Boy back for another session, even the most doubtful Thomas' could not deny the difference.  These are the moments we work hard to see with these animals, and the training we provide will hopefully keep the momentum going and ensure these animals will all go to the best forever homes -- and stay there! The more positive enrichment tools shelter workers have access to, the greater chance each animal has of a better life.
As part of our commitment to partnering shelters, in addition to the initial training, we provide ongoing mentoring to staff and volunteers.

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