PARTNERING with other SHELTERS, RESCUE GROUPS , REHAB CENTERS, HOSPICES, and ANIMAL PROFESSIONALS... using TTouch for training and touch therapy

Our TTouch4Rescue program offers TTouch and other gentle holistic methods of training, rehabilitation, and wellness therapy to assist volunteers and staff at animal rehab centers, hospices, shelters, and rescue/TNR groups. TTouch is a method of training and wellness therapy that has proven health and behavior modification benefits for all animals.  By working directly with the animals, caretakers learn how to apply it in their environments; we continue working with them -- and directly with the animals -- as long as needed.

Through these methods, our goals include: helping to improve quality of life and reduce the stress, tension and fears that many animals experience upon entering an unfamiliar shelter or rescue environment, sometimes after losing the only home they have known; increase their adoptibility, which in turn may help lower euthanasia rates or reduce the number of animals returned to shelters or forsaken on the streets as a last resort due to behavioral and/or health issues.


We work directly with the animals in shelters and other rescue environment to further help them find permanent, loving homes. This may help reduce the number of animals killed in shelters simply because they have no place to go. If an animal can be rehabilitated, that animal may know the love and comfort of their own home and family; and we want more homeless animals to experience that joy.

Charlie gets a boost from Tavi & Friends' TTouch-in-Rescue program... AND a new home
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