Coco Chanel

COCO HAD NOWHERE TO TURN... until we rescued her! 


We apologize for the graphic photos, but you can see how desperately Coco
needed help when we first rescued her from an unsuitable home.
That is where she developed the sore on her face. Initial treatments for Coco
were biopsies, antibiotics, lotions, many vet visits, and laser therapy treatments.
We got the best medical care for her and never gave up on Coco.

When we received the culture diagnosis that Coco had MRSA, we were stunned!
It took months to get rid of the MRSA infection; then, another bacterial infection
took hold. That too cleared. Coco's eye had the vets stymied, and it may always look
 a bit swollen. Coco has been going through this for more than a year. She still has a
small scar patch on her face, in the original spot; but the latest cultures have confirmed
that the MRSA is gone!  It was thought at one point that she might require skin grafting,
but now she may not need it. Coco is eating very well and getting lots of TLC.  

CoCo is a beautiful, sweet and gentle soul, and deserves every chance we can give her. 
She still requires minimal care, has medication and Rx food, but she has healed
and now it is time for this wonderful girl to find a new forever home and family
where she will always be loved and properly care for! 
Updates on Coco can be seen on her Page and in our Newsletter

Medical costs for Coco Chanel climbed into the thousands, and we still desperately
need your help for Coco and others like her! Our emergency fund is depleted;
donations in any amount are always greatly appreciated! 
You can donate through our website or by mail.

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Coco now...

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