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"Meet" our featured pets in need of forever homes:
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While many of our cats are in foster care... we now have 2 Locations with adoptable Kittens and Cats!
@ our Petco Adoption Center    2824 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside NY
@ our Petco Adoption Center 
   1851 Sunrise Hwy, Bay Shore NY 
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Please note that we may have some very special animals who are not on the “adoptables” listing, who may require
extra special care. They will only be placed in homes with people who are experienced in their care.


Our adoption process is as follows:
Completion/submittal of
Adoption Application; interview; reference checks;
home/spot visits; adoption agreement and adoption fee.

We are always in need of dedicated volunteers and foster homes. 
Currently, we need Kitty Caretakers for our new Petco Oceanside Adoption Center!
If you would like to be considered as a special foster or adoptive parent, 

please complete and submit the appropriate application.

If you would like to apply to be a volunteer,
please complete and submit the appropriate application.


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