Tavi's Maddie's Fund Statistics Y2015



Tavi & Friends wishes to thank Maddie's Fund for their generous 2015 grant. This grant has helped us save more lives by providing much needed emergency and medical care for many of our rescues and seniors. Animals such as:

Gulliver and Lilli, kittens who started life with many diseases but are now healthy and loving kitties.

Abigail, Dakota, Daphne, and Murphy, seniors who were abandoned by their caretakers in their golden years, found loving forever care with Tavi & Friends fosters. All are no longer with us, and it is heartbreaking to loose them. We gave them very happy years ... and they gave us wonderful memories! 

Jeremy and Logan are two of our special care kitties who require ongoing veterinary support for chronic diseases and/or injuries. Jeremy is diagnosed with early stage heart and kidney disease. Logan was rescued with a congenital pelvic anomaly and chronic injuries from abuse and/or accident while abandoned on the streets.

Paris, who was adopted and returned when her caretaker could no longer provide for her, has a mild back injury. She is currently in the care of one of our loving foster homes ... and still waiting for her forever home!!!

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