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Celebrate BIG LOVE!   Adopt a bonded pair!

Open your heart and your home to a homeless animal – or two!   Animals who have no one with whom to share their love.  Through no fault of their own, they find themselves without hope and without a family to love.  These animals rely on the kindness of strangers more than ever... and there is much we can all do to help them together.  Think ADOPTION!  Come to our adoption events and...

...make an Cat or Dog your Valentine this Month!

Please be as generous as you can this Valentine’s Month by donating to help our animals; consider monthly contributions or sponsorship of one of our programs or animals.  Your support helps us to continue our programs, to provide food, shelter, medical care, and more to a cat or dog in need, such as Daphne, or Willie and Catta, while we find forever homes for each rescued cat and dog who has been abandoned, abused, or those who have never known any life but that on the street.  We cannot do it without your help, however. Together, we will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of needy animals.  And, if you can, please give an animal a forever home by fostering or adopting.  Thank you for caring.


Download BIG LOVE flyer...

To donate by check, make payable to:
Tavi & Friends, P.O. Box 09-0325, Brooklyn, NY  11209-0325

There are many ways in which you can help...
We are always in need of short- and long-term foster homes, volunteers, sponsorship, and in-kind donations.
If you are interested in volunteering, please complete and submit our volunteer and/or foster applications.
If you can give an animal a HOME for the HOLIDAYS... and FOREVER after... please view our animals for adoption; then complete and submit an adoption application.  Remember that adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment -- their lifetime.  Please make sure all members of your family are committed to providing a home and lifetime care for that animal.

Additional ways to help...

We rely solely on public support to continue in our mission to help animals. Your donations directly support our animals and programs.  All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.
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